Hello and welcome to the first part of the overhaul of the CU kayak club website. This is will be a forum where anyone can ask question, express thoughts, or share information about the club.

  • First order of business is I need pictures! for both the website and the blog so if that could happen that would be awesome. My email is in the club members page.
  • Second order we could really use some people to get their Life guard certification, leave a comment if your interested(there is a probably a way the club can pay for your certification)
  • Third Lets get a weekend river trip in, that discussion will be located on the river trips page.
  • Also get excited we are getting new paddles!
  • And lastly we are thinking about getting club shirts, hats, rash guards and just general apparel to represent the club so if you have any ideas please leave a comment on the Hot Topic Page